Chargeback Prevention Policy

[Client/Customer] understands and agrees that in the event the [Client/Customer] initiates a chargeback and/or merchant dispute with their issuing bank for the [services/products] they have received and in fact owe payment for, and the [Client/Customer] is successful in recovering the disputed funds that would otherwise be owed to the [Business/Company/Individual], the [Business/Company/Individual] will make every effort to provide documentation to the issuing bank that the [Client/Customer] did receive [any and all products/and all services], including this policy.


Further, the [Business/Company/Individual] reserves the right to [issue an invoice/send a bill] to [Client/Customer] for [any and all products/any and all services] that [Business/Company/Individual] has sold and delivered to [Client/Customer].  [Client/Customer] hereby agrees to pay the [invoice in full/bill in full] in the event that a chargeback dispute is initiated. Should [Client/Customer] fail to make appropriate payment, [Business/Company/Individual] shall pursue any and all available legal and equitable remedies available by law.