Behind the making of Fresh Face Talc-Free Vegan Setting Powder

I remember it being early 2018 and being sure that our product offering needed a product to seal the skin benefits. After you use our shea butter and aloe vera foundation, we needed a setting powder that would do more than set your makeup. I started to Imagine a setting powder that keeps your skin nourished with green and earthy ingredients. 

We wanted to keep our brand promise of using high-performing formulas and simply selling a setting powder that just sets your under-eye wasn’t a priority. 

We searched the market and found that while some brands used talc, others did not use it and kept the ingredients man-made using clean chemicals. (Completely fine too, but we wanted skincare benefits, the packaging to be intentional as well as reusable. 


Some areas that we wanted to innovate were both on formula and lessening the environmental impact. If the idea behind this product is to use plant-based ingredients, then the packaging should be green too! 

After a few months of research and seeing what would be the best renewable option for this product, we thought paper cardboard would be the best option. After its served its purpose in your beauty routine, it can return to nature as a living organ. 

After designing the product for months in my head I decided to sketch a few possible ways for its graphic design and decided for a minty green concept, it would make your senses crave matcha on your face. The name came after Fresh Face Setting Powder. 

This powder not only controls your natural oils while helping maintain your makeup throughout the day, but green tea and cranberry prevents skin redness as well as boosting your skin’s collagen production. 

We made all Fresh Face Talc-Free Vegan Setting Powder intending to enhance your natural beauty while enhancing your wellness goals. Our skin is truly magical, especially when feeding it nourishing ingredients. 

We hope you enjoy this product, beauty starts inside out. 

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