Minimalism with purpose: 3 ways to get started.

Minimalism is a great way of being eco-friendly but is definitely different for everyone. It is a conscious choice to pair down whatever is unnecessary to live more fully.

There are many ways to explore this concept from your closet to grocery shopping and even the way we choose to organize our favorite phone apps.

During the pandemic, I’ve become more used to applying minimalism in my life. I’m going to share with you guys a few things that have helped not only organize my daily routine, but I’ve realized they’ve also helped my mind feel lighter as well as feeling less overwhelmed.  

    1. I’ve decluttered my closet and my outfits into colors and seasons. This way, I was able to see how many outfits I could pull off with the same mom jeans as well as outerwear. If I hadn’t worn a piece of clothing in over six months I would ask anyone in my family if they’d like it. If there were no takers, then I took the bags of clothing to my nearest thrift store. However, If the clothing happens to be in great condition, you can also try reselling it on Poshmark. This way, you can also make room for pieces you’d like to get. If you are buying a new item, sell one before doing so. 
    2. Got rid of furniture and decor I didn’t love anymore. When 2020 started, the first thing I did was decluttering my living room. I had a huge white couch that took over half the space, and I was also stuck with seasonal decor that just wasn’t necessary. I sold the couch on Facebook marketplace, and I downgraded to a small two-seat couch. In addition, I am now buying decor that can be used throughout the year not just for the season. If you decorate with neutral colors and only add a few accents for the holidays, it not only helps you to spend less on unnecessary stuff, but it’s fun to make also your own decor.                                                                3. I organized myself digitally. Now, out of all kinds of minimalism practices, I would say this is the toughest one. As a millennial myself, I know we can all relate that we have too many electronic devices as well as email accounts. What keeps me feel in control and less overwhelmed is cleaning out my email inbox every Sunday, as well as monthly deleting apps that I have not used recently. In addition, you can also try designating your appliances for specific needs. For instance, using your laptop for work, ipad for video streaming and phone for music while working also helps with mindfulness. Not only is it bad for the device when you multi-task and use up its battery, but your mind also feels loaded from all the activities surrounding it. 

The best thing about minimalism, is that it saves you time and energy. I am sure if you put effort, your productivity will be so much better than ever before. 

What’s another way to practice minimalism? Share with us some ideas on social media and tag us, we’d love to keep in touch.